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JPEmail is the ultimate tool for sending email messages to a LARGE group of addresses without duplicate mailings! JPEmail works great for newsletters, opt in lists, newspapers and as a marketing tool for sending ads to lists of potential customers!! With its extremely easy to use email list and contact manager you'll be set up and ready to go in a very short time!

'I love your program, it makes my life so much easier.  I maintain an email list with 150 emails and this is the only way I can get them out without getting shut down by anti spamming protocols.  It's well worth the money.  Thanks!       Lance.'

Latest News as of 07/08/2002
07/08/2002  JPEmail v2.30 released!   Download it here!
06/02/2002 JPEmail v2.16 Beta Upgrade released!
06/01/2002 Chattanooga Times Free Press upgrades to JPEmail Pro and sends email to 16,000 contacts using BCC option in under 20 minutes each day!!
05/20/2002 JPEmail Pro version released.
01/09/2002 The Chattanooga Times Free Press newspaper begins using JPEmail to send breaking news to over 16,000 contacts each day!
10/21/2001 JPEmail v2.00 released!
07/26/2001 JPEmail v1.03 Beta Build 07262001 released!
04/30/2001 The Missouri Republican Party begins using JPEmail for sending newsletters!
04/04/2001 JPEmail v1.03 Beta released!
03/23/2001 JPEmail v1.02 released!
Download today and see why companies such as Hughes Network Systems and Chattanooga Times Free Press and organizations such as the Missouri Republican Party are using JPEmail for their bulk email needs.
Screen Shots JPEmail Main Screen : JPEmail Email List Maintenance Screen
JPEmail Contact Maintenance Screen : JPEmail Email Message Maintenance Screen
JPEmail Send Selection Screen
To read the JPEmail FAQ Click Here!
Here's a short list of what is included;
  • Unlimited number of Email Lists.
  • Unlimited number of Email Contacts.
  • Unlimited number of Email Messages.
  • Built in Email Engine - No separate email package is needed!
  • Easily allows for the avoidance of duplicate mailings to the same contacts within a short time period!
  • Ability to import contacts from other popular email programs (MS Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Emailing List Pro, SBT PRO Customer File, and also from an Excel spreadsheet)!
  • Email messages can have attachments and embedded HTML!
  • Full reporting and logging of email activity.
  • Full install and uninstall support.

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JPEmail Pro version features:
These features are only available in the Pro version of JPEmail.

  • Send email to a list using BCC (Blind Carbon Copy).  This dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to send email to a large list of contacts.  One of our clients is currently sending 18000 emails in approximately 20 minutes using the BCC option.  This will vary depending on your connection to the internet and your SMTP server.
  • File Based Sending of emails - automates the sending of different messages based on the contents of a certain text file.
  • Auto removal of bad/returned email addresses.   This feature can optionally put bad/returned email addresses into a special list and unassign them from all other lists.

Here's a list of features in version 2.30 (standard and Pro versions):

  • List Opt In / Out support - JPEmail will allow for automatic list opt ins and opt outs. JPEmail will automatically add users/email address to a list and contact table for persons wishing to opt in to a list. JPEmail will automatically remove users/email address from a list and contact table for persons wishing to opt out from a list.
  • Minimize to the system tray and auto start with Windows.
  • Scheduling - schedule a date and time for JPEmail to automatically perform mass sends! Also allows for scheduling of list opt in/out checking, table reindexing, and email log purging.
  • Personalized message bodies by adding contacts name per email during a mass send!
  • Merge contact info into each message sent - This feature will allow you to create email messages that contain contact info that is DYNAMICALLY merged with the message. The merge will take place for every contact on a list that is sent a message. The following contact info can be merged into messages at send time - Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Email Address, and Phone Number.
  • Extract and import email addresses from any text file or from a directory of text files in batch mode.
  • User maintainable lists of valid and invalid email address extensions (com, edu, uk, etc...). Program now looks at these lists when importing email addresses to determine their validity.
  • Embedded graphics in HTML messages.
  • Enhanced Excel import function allowing for import of category and code fields and use files with spaces in the filename.
  • Ability to have the from address show a plain text address.
  • Ability to have the to address show a plain text address.
  • Ability to store data in any drive/subdirectory.
  • Contacts can now be assigned to multiple lists!
  • Contacts can be copied from list to list.
  • Contacts can be moved from one list to another.
  • Contacts can now be imported from an excel spreadsheet.
  • Improved email send speed!
  • Full copy, cut, & paste support in message body.
  • Mass deletion of all unassigned contacts.
  • Improved lookup lists with searching capability!
  • Ability to copy an existing html (or other type) file directly into an email message body.
  • Ability to open an existing html (or other type) file in order to copy and paste selected portions directly into an email message body!
  • Improved progress indicator bar!
  • Default reply-to and from address, and default mail servers auto populate!

For the full feature set Click Here!

To download the shareware version of JPEmail Click Here!
JPEmail is distributed as Shareware. This means that you can download JPEmail for evaluation purposes. If you decide to keep JPEmail you must register it! The unregistered version of JPEmail is fully functional however it only allows you to add 20 contacts! In addition, the unregistered version of JPEmail places an 'Unregistered Version' message at the bottom of each message sent and limits the number of emails you can send to 250.

Register your copy of  JPEmail standard version today for only $39.95 USD, or JPEmail pro version for only $695.00 USD!

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