Last Updated : 08/14/2006
ProBar - Download Step 1 of 2
      To download please enter the following information and then click the Continue To Step 2 button.
After pressing the Continue button, the next screen will allow you to select the version for SBT PRO 5 or SBT PRO 6 and after clicking the download button you will be asked where you want to save PROBAR.EXE for SBT Pro 6 or PROBAR5.EXE for SBT Pro 5.. Please remember where you download the file to.
After the download is complete run the file you downloaded by doing the following;

1. Click your Windows START button.
2. Click on RUN.
3. Enter ( or browse to find ) the path to where you downloaded the file. For example if you downloaded to C:\temp then you would type in C:\temp\probar.exe and then click the OK button (for SBT PRO 6 version) or C:\temp\probar5.exe (for SBT PRO 5 version)
This will run the ProBar installer program.

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ProBar Setup Screen

When you run the probar.exe program the ProBar setup screen will appear. Here you enter the PATH to your SBT PRO 5 or 6 installation.

Press the CONTINUE SETUP button to install ProBar into your SBT.

If you wish to Uninstall ProBar, simply run the probar.exe program again following the instructions above. When the ProBar Setup screen appears enter the PATH to your SBT PRO 5 or 6 installation and then press the uninstall button.


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